Amorf siliciumcarbid

Amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) boasts impressive mechanical and strength properties that could revolutionize various industries. Its yield strength surpasses that of well-known materials like Kevlar, making it suitable for applications including microchip sensors and advanced solar cells. a-SiC stands out from its competition due to its superior tensile strength and versatility, being capable of fabrication […]

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Coherent Secures $1 Billion Investment in Silicon Carbide Power Substrates for Electric Vehicles

Coherent of Saxonburg, PA announced on April 8 that Japanese auto suppliers DENSO and Mitsubishi Electric have invested $1 billion into its silicon carbide business, holding a 12.5% non-controlling stake in a newly established subsidiary that will operate the business under Sohail Khan, Executive VP of New Ventures and Wide Bandgap Electronics Technology at Coherent.

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Silicon Carbide Tubes

Silicon carbide (SiC) is an amazing material with remarkable strength and resilience. Able to endure high temperatures, harsh chemicals and corrosion resistance – these characteristics make SiC an unparalleled material. When selecting a silicon carbide tube for your project, several elements need to be taken into account such as temperature, pressure, corrosion-prone environment and size/shape.

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Transistor af siliciumkarbid

Silicon carbide power devices play an integral part in improving energy efficiency of electric vehicles due to their excellent material properties. Silicon carbide in its pure form behaves as an insulator; however, when doped with impurities (dopants), it can transform into an electronic semiconductor. Dopants for this use include nitrogen or phosphorous doping for n-type

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Is Silicon Carbide a Ceramic?

Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramic products are well known for their resistance to corrosion, abrasion and high temperatures – qualities which also make them long-term refractory materials for burner nozzles, jet and flame tubes. SiC is an ideal material, maintaining its strength even at temperatures as high as 1600degC while offering high thermal conductivity, low thermal

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United Silicon Carbide Inc.

United Silicon Carbide Inc, is a manufacturer of semiconductors. The Company produces silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors such as FETs, JFETs and Schottky diodes for customers located throughout New Jersey. United Silicon Carbide also serves customers worldwide through their global operations. Silicon carbide market growth will likely be propelled by rising demand for high-performance power

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Fordele ved siliciumkarbid-dioden

Siliciumcarbiddioder er blevet stadig mere populære i en række kredsløbsdesigns på grund af deres højere ydelsesniveauer og mindre formfaktor end siliciumenheder. WeEn's SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes kommer i forskellige pakker, der spænder fra leaded og bolt-on stilarter til overflademonterede SMD-enheder og er underlagt omfattende udholdenhedstest for at sikre

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Smeltedigler af siliciumkarbid er ideelle til smeltning og støbning af metal, f.eks. smeltning af guld, sølv og platin. Deres holdbarhed modstår høje temperaturer, hvilket gør dem velegnede til guldsmeltning. De er velegnede til medium kulstofstål, sjældne metallegeringer og andre ikke-jernholdige metaller; og de er modstandsdygtige over for slid, korrosion og varme.

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Nyheder om siliciumcarbid

Siliciumcarbid er et af de hårdeste kendte stoffer, der bruges som syntetisk slibemiddel og findes naturligt som moissanit i meteoritter; det kan også udvindes. SiC's brede båndgab gør det muligt at minimere koblingstab og samtidig understøtte højere frekvenser, hvilket gør det ideelt til brug i højspændingshalvlederenheder som f.eks. invertere i elektriske systemer.

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