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4H Silicon Carbide – High-Power and High-Frequency Applications

Silicon carbide has many applications in high-power electronics and quantum technologies. Not only is it known for its excellent electrical properties, but also for its high thermal conductivity and chemical stability. Wurtzite crystal structure features an irregular hexagonal close-packed arrangement composed of Si C double layers that stack in an ABCB sequence. Wide Bandgap Silicon […]

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Silicon Carbide Improves Glock Grip Texture

Glocks have long been criticized for their lack of texture in the grip surface. While many gun owners have attempted to increase gripping surface by adding talon grips or stippling, these methods only produce semi-permanent solutions which will eventually wear away. Permanent and straightforward way to increase friction is applying a silicon carbide grip treatment

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Silicon Carbide Sanding Discs

Silicon carbide offers consistent and reliable results when performing rough material removal or final polishing on woodworking projects, providing precise results with its stable abrasive properties that minimize grit deterioration for consistent precision results. Silicon carbide discs offer cost-effective and versatile abrasives that can help with tasks ranging from woodworking and metalworking to automotive repairs

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Silicon Carbide Sand – Unrivaled Precision in a Variety of Applications

Silicon carbide sand disproves any notion of its limited application, providing precision across various materials. From coarse material removal to surface smoothing, silicon carbide sand elevates craftsmanship and leads to exceptional results. Mercer 9″ x 11″ Water Proof Sandpaper Sheets feature premium silicon carbide grains resin-bonded onto strong latex-backed paper for wet or dry sanding

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Silicon Carbide CTe

Silicon carbide cte is one of the lightest, hardest, and strongest ceramic materials on the market. It offers excellent resistance to acids as well as low thermal conductivity and thermal expansion rates, and can withstand extreme temperatures without thermal expansion issues. Crystalline graphene features a layered crystal structure and comes in several polytypes that differ

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Silicon Carbide Discs

Silicon carbide (commonly referred to as Carborundum) is an exceptionally hard ceramic material. Additionally, its price makes it much more cost-effective than diamond or cubic boron nitride. These discs are ideal for removing glaze drips, smoothing warped pots, grinding chips and leveling kiln shelf posts. Available in multiple grit options to meet all your needs.

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Шлифовальные ленты из карбида кремния

Silicon carbide sanding belts are the gold standard when it comes to grinding, sanding and polishing non-ferrous metals (brass/bronze), ceramics and hard woods. Their closed coat provides optimal grain coverage for optimal finishing results. These sanding belts are both sharp and friable, making them suitable for light pressure applications that require consistent scratch patterns. This

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Джереми Кларксон - Карбид кремния

Джереми Кларксон - английский телеведущий и писатель, наиболее известный своими выступлениями в программе Top Gear вместе с Ричардом Хаммондом и Джеймсом Мэем. Кроме того, он вел серию передач The Grand Tour. Карбид кремния производится в промышленных масштабах как твердый абразив и в керамике, а в природе встречается в виде драгоценного камня муассанита. Кроме того, карбид кремния имеет множество применений, включая

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