Silicon Carbide Abrasive Paper

Silicon carbide sandpaper is an indispensable companion for DIY enthusiasts taking on home repairs and renovations themselves, providing unsurpassed hardness and durability with high-quality finishes.

Aluminum oxide sandpaper sands wood, metal, glass and stone effectively. Furthermore, it sands more aggressively than its aluminum oxide counterpart.


Silicon Carbide Abrasive Paper is the go-to finisher on wood, metal and composite surfaces alike – from removing old finishes and smoothing rough surfaces, leveling imperfections or sanding between coats – silicon Carbide Abrasive Paper always ensures an exceptional result.

At the core of its outstanding performance lies an outstanding feature – unmatched hardness. Silicon carbide crystals in this abrasive are extraordinary hard, making this product suitable for even toughest materials with ease and creating razor-sharp cutting edges for extra fast cutting action. This allows it to efficiently erode material off substrate surfaces without wearing out too quickly resulting in longer sandpaper lifespan and improved results in your project.

As well as its unrivaled hardness, this sandpaper boasts superior heat resistance. This allows it to withstand intense abrasion without suffering thermal degradation during intense use, maintaining structural integrity and consistent performance across an entire project. Craftsmen can take on complex abrasion jobs with confidence knowing this enduring reliability ensures perfect results each and every time!

Our Hermes waterproof abrasive paper is specifically designed for wet sanding, which minimizes scratch marks and airborne dust by using liquid to lubricate surfaces of workpieces. It features pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) attachment system that makes affixing to disc pads or hand sanders quick and easy – with multiple grit options to meet project requirements ranging from marble, stone and wood sanding through to stripping paint from metal surfaces or even prepping wood for staining between coats of paint or varnish coats or preparation of wood surface preparation sanding grades! Available both as wet or dry grades


Silicon carbide is a hard abrasive material ranked 9.1 on the Mohs scale, capable of grinding metal surfaces while still remaining flexible enough for sanding applications. Due to this versatility and versatility it provides excellent longevity; being used across many applications without wearing out quickly or deteriorating rapidly. Silicon carbide comes in various grit sizes to meet different requirements – commonly seen used for woodworking to remove stock, smooth rough surfaces, prepare surfaces for staining/painting as well as deburring/polishing metal surfaces.

Mercer 9″ x 11″ Waterproof Sandpaper Sheets feature premium silicon carbide grains bonded to durable latex paper backing for wet sanding applications with or without lubrication. Available in 80, 120 and 180 grit options, these papers remain sharp for longer when sanding painted surfaces – helping you complete projects more quickly.

Waterproof sheets are an invaluable asset when it comes to sanding lacquers, paint, body fillers, glass, metal, plastic and stone surfaces. From refining wooden masterpieces to final touches on metal projects – waterproof sheets will take your craftsmanship to an entirely new level!

Minimal Grit Deterioration

Silicon carbide sandpaper is an impressively long-wearing material, particularly compared to its aluminum oxide counterpart. Thanks to its hardness and sharp, narrow grains, silicon carbide can withstand intensive pressure applications in harsh environments that are typically abrasive, wet, and highly stressful. Due to this strength it’s widely used in metal finishing as well as on marble, granite, glass and cork surfaces; and is even used between coats of finish in automotive applications.

Silicon carbide stands up better against thermal degradation than aluminum oxide, making it ideal for demanding projects requiring precision. Silicon carbide sandpaper can also be combined with aluminum oxide sandpaper to perform wet/dry sanding operations with both coarser grits as well as finer ones, enabling users to first rough sand using aluminum oxide before refining with silicon carbide for an impeccable, professional-looking finish.

Silicon carbide abrasive paper is a go-to surface preparation solution for automotive restoration and bodywork, providing reliable shaping and leveling vehicle panels, creating the perfect canvas for painting or staining. Furthermore, this tool can also be used on metals and plastics, helping smooth and polish rough surfaces effortlessly.

Black silicon carbide (Carborundum) is an extremely hard, angular abrasive used in wheel, slurry and refractory applications. This hard abrasive is often utilized as wheel media because of its durability and economy; perfect for rock tumbling! Carborundum’s hard yet rugged nature also makes it suitable for repeated use as it wears down over time, exposing new sharp cutting edges each time; in fact, many recyclers add coarser particles as working blends!

Rapid Stock Removal

Silicon carbide abrasive grains used in the production of sandpaper provide efficient and precise grinding or polishing across many surfaces, from metal, marble, glass, stone, cork and medium-density fiberboard. While aluminum oxide wears down quickly over time, silicon carbide’s hard and sharp qualities allow it to handle tougher materials or rougher surface textures more effectively without losing its effectiveness.

Silicon carbide is also heat-resistant, helping ensure its structure remains undamaged even under high-temperature environments and prevent thermal degradation during intensive grinding processes that produce excessive heat. This remarkable attribute ensures sandpaper performs efficiently and consistently regardless of application temperature or material being buffing.

Industrial settings where grinding and sanding operations take place at high-speeds find this choice to be ideal. Woodworkers love it too – as professionals and DIYers alike can achieve smooth, polished results quickly with minimal effort.

Silicon carbide comes in various grit sizes from coarse to fine, ideal for rough sanding and removal of large amounts of material while finer grits offer refined finishes and polishes. The wide array of options allows metallographers to undertake progressive steps of sample preparation leading to their desired final finish, creating accurate and reproducible results.


Silicon carbide sandpaper comes in different grit sizes, making it suitable for many different uses. Coarser grits remove large amounts of material while finer ones help achieve polished finishes – which makes this versatile material perfect for jobs like sanding wood before staining and painting, deburring metal parts to remove burrs or deburr rust from metal parts, deburring glass for polishing purposes or deburring metal before polishing it further.

Silicon carbide abrasive grains boast long lifespan, with their hardness enabling this type of sandpaper to remain functional for an extended period. Unfortunately, their narrow particle size means they wear down faster than aluminum oxide ones; nonetheless, silicon carbide sandpaper makes an excellent choice for rougher materials and polishing purposes; such as marble, glass, cork stone and medium density fiberboard among others.

Although its limited lifespan may be an inconvenience for some users, its lower cost makes this sandpaper type an appealing choice for budget-minded workers.

Hermes waterproof silicon carbide resin bonded paper is designed to be used wet to minimise scratches and clogging risks, eliminating the need for separate sanding sealers on most surfaces such as wood. Thanks to its lubrication properties it is cost-effective when used between coats of varnish or paint application – with 180-2500g grit options and mixed pack packs also available for convenient sanding!

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