Silicon Carbide Discs

Silicon carbide is one of the hardest materials used to craft abrasive tools. It can withstand extremes of both heat and pressure without becoming damaged or becoming compromised in performance.

These discs are ideal for sanding and polishing hard natural stone surfaces, providing fast material removal while simultaneously creating a sleek surface finish. Available in multiple grit sizes – lower grit sizes will remove more material more rapidly while higher grit will produce smoother finishes – these discs provide superior results!


Silicon carbide (also referred to as SiC), being significantly harder than aluminum oxide and coming close in hardness to diamond, is one of the hardest common abrasive grains. Furthermore, its sharp edge enables it to quickly cut materials like glass, stone and metals with ease.

Silicon carbide discs are almost as versatile as aluminum oxide in their use: they’re often employed for etching, polishing, and grinding non-ferrous materials such as glass, marble, ceramics, porcelain chinaware, concrete and stainless steel. Furthermore, silicon carbide discs make an excellent solution for deburring and grinding applications in metallographic or petrographic fields.

Silicon carbide discs are a top choice among woodworkers seeking a higher level of precision when creating masterpieces from woodworking projects. From delicate veneer sanding to dense hardwoods, the discs deliver exceptional results across a range of wood types.

Hardness and sharpness give discs their edge in resisting corrosion, abrasion and erosion to extend component lifespan under harsh working conditions. Furthermore, these discs’ acid/lye resistance allows them to perform in demanding chemical applications such as mills, expanders, extruders or nozzles – further increasing component lifespan.

These abrasive discs have been specially engineered to withstand high levels of pressure and heat, making them suitable for demanding industrial applications such as foundry work or bearings and mechanical seals. Furthermore, these discs make an effective component in renewable energy technologies like solar panels or fuel cells.

Black Hawk Abrasives’ 5 inch silicon carbide resin fiber abrasive discs are an excellent way to complete masonry and concrete prep work (sanding and grinding floors and walls), and angle grinder attachment. Each disc features premium silicon carbide grains attached to a vulcanized fiber backing using full resin bond coat for superior grain adhesion and reduced loading; they come in 24 grit, 36 grit, 60 grit and 80 grit options and are sold in packages of 25.


Silicon carbide is an extremely hard, durable material used for making cutting and grinding tools, including blades. Compared with steel, ceramic blades tend to chip more frequently. Silicon carbide blades, however, tend to be easier and faster cutting tools compared with others; making it suitable for high pressure environments like sanding and grinding tasks.

Silicon carbide discs are not only extremely hard, but they’re also extremely sharp – this means they can remove material more efficiently and save you both time and effort during your project. Furthermore, their sharp edges create an even finish with reduced vibration for an improved surface finish.

These discs come in an assortment of grit sizes to meet your specific needs. For example, when sanding wood or metal surfaces you should use coarse-grit discs; conversely if working on soft materials like glass, marble, or medium density fiberboard then fine grit discs might be better suited.

Silicon carbide sanding discs offer another key advantage: longevity. As their abrasive grains are secured to the disc with resin, they won’t quickly wear down or come loose from use – meaning you can reuse your discs multiple times, saving both money and effort over time.

Silicon carbide sanding discs are an invaluable choice for home repairs and renovations as well as crafting projects, thanks to their versatile cutting power and aggressive edge-grinding capabilities. Ideal for materials from wood to metal, silicon carbide’s versatility and aggressive cutting power make it the perfect material to use when revamping furniture or giving a room a face-lift – count on silicon carbide sanding discs when revamping furniture or updating home decor! Professional finish, durability and precision all come together in perfect harmony for DIY enthusiasts and craftspeople – though always be mindful when using these discs of using proper techniques when using silicon carbide discs!


Silicon carbide discs offer versatility due to their range of coarse to fine grit sizes, meeting different applications with ease. Finer grits are best for polishing while coarser ones offer more aggressive material removal – making these discs extremely popular among woodworkers and car body repair specialists.

These discs are long-lasting and make an excellent choice for high-volume sanding projects, thanks to being made of resin-bonded sandpaper which allows it to withstand increased amounts of pressure and heat while the surface design helps resist loading while also reducing wear and tear. Plus, their design also prevents loading. This extends their longevity.

Silicon carbide discs have an outstanding combination of hardness and sharpness that enables them to cut quickly through materials, making them perfect for tasks such as removing old paint, smoothing rough edges and prepping surfaces for painting. Furthermore, their sharp edge makes them popular with automotive bodywork where they can help remove rust while smoothing out body filler.

These discs offer superior finish quality. Their tough and durable sanding surface helps produce more consistent finishes than aluminum oxide discs, with minimal swirl marks producing professional-looking finishes more easily than with aluminum oxide discs.

These long-wearing discs come in both brown and black silicon carbide varieties for optimal use on various materials such as stone and plastics, respectively, while brown silicon carbide excels at sanding wood. Both types feature flexible sanding surfaces which can run with or without coolant for added versatility when performing various jobs.

These discs are compatible with multiple sanding systems, including the TP system, TR, TS and TSM sanding systems. They easily mount onto their respective holders via either snap-on or threaded hub and can be used both wet or dry with coarse and fine grits – perfect for delicate veneers and dense hardwoods alike!


Silicon carbide sanding discs offer long lifespan, as their grains are adhered to durable backing material with resin to resist tears and breakages when subjected to high pressure sanding processes. As these discs’ long lifespan reduces your cost-of-replacement frequency, this type of long-lasting disc can save money in terms of replacement expenses.

Silicon carbide’s hardness makes it ideal for grinding and machining metals and other hard materials such as ceramics and glass, while its toughness allows it to withstand high-pressure and heat during sanding operations – meaning it has numerous industrial uses.

Silicon carbide can also be utilized for use in metallurgical applications, including polishing and etching ferrous metals such as ferrous steel as well as non-ferrous ones like aluminum and stainless steel, due to its low thermal expansion coefficient and radiation damage resistance properties. Furthermore, silicon carbide is frequently employed by laboratories as an analytical material utilizing its strength and rigidity to ensure accurate results and high-precision analytical work and testing procedures.

Silicon carbide not only boasts durability and versatility, but it can also offer several health advantages. As an asbestos alternative it can be safely utilized in the workplace; additionally it may help lower respiratory risks like fibrosis and granuloma which are caused by breathing in toxic particles that build up inside our lungs.

Silicon carbide sanding discs offer you quality results for any project, no matter the scale or scale. Browse our selection of discs designed to sand wood, glass or stone surfaces as well as taking advantage of bulk discounts to save on future purchases!

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