How a Silicon Carbide Grip Kit Can Improve Your Shooting

Grip texture can play a pivotal role in weapon comfort. From grip tape, talon grips or grip stippling options there are plenty of choices available that can enhance this aspect of firearm ownership.

This kit provides enhanced grip characteristics on a pistol frame. A high performance epoxy is applied, then silicon carbide powder of your choice (grit size or color) is poured on top and permanently adhered to it – creating enhanced grip characteristics on any pistol frame.

Grip Texture

Your shooting can suffer when your pistol is difficult to grip, due to lack of traction on its frame. Loss of control over the firearm may result in malfunctions; to add grippiness for easier holding in hand. There are various solutions for doing this – you could stipple its frame or epoxy silicon carbide coatings onto it – either will work.

Stippling involves using a tool similar to a stencil to create patterns on the surface of your grip, similar to stencils. Stippling may require more work on your part but is non-permanent and will come off when necessary. In contrast, silicon carbide permanent modifications cannot be removed once applied – with added advantages that include longer lifespan and increased traction.

Silicon carbide grip kits feature high quality roll-on material similar to non-slip floor coating. This water-based solution does not attract dirt or stain the frame and reduces waxing/buffing needs – saving both money and effort over time. Application is straightforward: simply apply product on desired area of pistol before leaving it to cure.

Substance SBSAR files allow for customization of gun textures that vary in bump height, color and opacity to your specifications and personal taste. There are three textures to select:

TALON Grips Granulate Texture is a pebble finish rubberized material with an attractive pebble texture, ideal for concealed carry and open holster carry. The rubber texture offers more comfort against your skin when shooting gloves regularly while our PRO texture combines both of them together for both concealed carry and competition purposes.

Grip Strength

Silicon carbide (SiC) is an inorganic chemical compound composed of silicon and carbon that has various uses in electronics, automobile brakes and clutches, bulletproof vest ceramic plates and as an abrasive for glass and metal surfaces. SiC is mined as the rare mineral moissanite and produced synthetically for use in electronics products as well as in production lines to produce electronic parts and automobile brakes, clutches and ceramic plates used as bulletproof vest ceramic plates. Furthermore it makes an excellent abrasive that can also use to grind glass and metal surfaces efficiently.

Glocks have often been criticized for lacking enough grip texture, and while stippling may provide temporary solutions that become slippery when wet, increasing hand fatigue over time more than smooth grip would. An alternative option would be epoxying on a layer of silicon carbide powder for an extremely durable grip surface that resists wear-and-tear and won’t slip even in wet or cold conditions.

After cleaning and degreasing the frame where you will apply your coating, mask any areas you don’t wish to be covered before applying the epoxy. Once it has set up properly, sprinkle silicon carbide powder evenly across it to allow the coating to cure properly; be sure to wait 30-60 minutes before handling your pistol to allow its coating time to set up – any black pigmentation shed during this period should be treated as part of its curing process and should be seen as normal behavior.

Once the coating has set, remove the masking tape and you are good to go! Your grip will be much more resistant to abrasions as you take part in heavy shooting or tactical work, or other high-stress situations with your gun.

Our silicon carbide coating is simple to care for. Simply clean it regularly as part of your maintenance routine, using damp cloth or towel wipe downs from time to time, then periodically reapply powder as the coating wears away; additional bags of powder may be purchased to maintain long term abrasion resistance for your grips. It won’t stop your frame from rusting or corrosioning since steel remains part of its composition, but will significantly prolong its life by providing extra abrasion resistance.

Grip Durability

Competition shooting requires you to have grips that can withstand sweat. Silicon carbide grip jobs allow you to hold onto your gun even when wet – something stippled grips don’t provide.

Silicon carbide grips are much more resilient than their stippled counterparts. Stippling wears down grips quickly and fades their texture over time, becoming less effective for competitions. Conversely, silicon carbide modifications to your pistol will last long-term with continued use and can stand the test of time.

Silicon carbide abrasive materials boast not only longer lifespans than its rivals but are also much less susceptible to corrosion and rust, making them perfect for tactical applications. Furthermore, silicon carbide is much simpler to clean up after use compared to alternatives such as sandpaper or even talon grips, making this material far superior in hygienic practices.

This kit includes everything necessary to add a textured grip to your pistol, such as high-performance 2 part epoxy and silicon carbide powder in any grit desired. When applied on areas where hands contact frame, epoxy provides a firm foundation upon which textured silicon carbide granules may be poured – creating an effect similar to factory installations! All this work can be completed with precision using sharp borders enhancing its appearance as though applied by professional craftsman.

Customizing your pistol grip to increase hand-to-grip contact surface is a great way to manage recoil better and increase gun control. This process can also be used on AR15 rifles if you want to enhance durability of trigger guard and handguard; though be mindful that any permanent modification might involve risks.

Grip Comfort

No matter your experience level or skill level as a shooter, ensuring grip comfort can make all the difference in terms of hand fatigue and stress reduction when handling heavy loads for extended periods. Furthermore, having an ergonomic grip helps increase confidence and security in shooting position which ultimately can lead to improved performance.

There are various methods available to you for improving the comfort of your pistol grip. Some prefer running G10 or rubber panels while others choose silicon carbide epoxy – an option which has one main advantage over grip stippling: silicon carbide can be applied both metal and plastic materials simultaneously making it much more versatile than either approach.

To create a silicon carbide texture on your gun, you will require silicon carbide powder, epoxy resin and putty from different suppliers; most hardware stores carry epoxy resin while hobby stores may sell putty. A high-grade sandpaper may also come in handy.

Once you have all of the supplies, follow the directions to apply epoxy resin liberally in areas where silicon carbide will be needed, ensuring all areas are covered. Next, sprinkle silicon carbide powder over the epoxy coating by sifting with your fingers until an even coat forms.

After applying the carbide, allow it to set for several hours before proceeding to use your new grip! At first you may observe some color and particles eroding off, but this should gradually fade over time and you are now free to enjoy your new handle!

Silicon carbide grips are an easy and affordable way to improve comfort while shooting. By increasing contact between hands and frame, silicon carbide grips will increase contact area between them and frame, thus decreasing hand fatigue and soreness, improving strength and durability of grip strength, as well as shooting performance. For an effortless upgrade that doesn’t break the bank, look into purchasing one online or at local hobby shops.

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