Glock Silicon Carbide Grip

Enhancing pistol shooting performance through adding friction is one of the primary principles to increase performance. There are various means available to increase friction, including stippling, but silicon carbide remains the most long-lasting and permanent way of doing this.

Silicon carbide textures are applied using our two part epoxy system, followed by aggressive surface textures like 120 grit for racing events and competitions. We provide aggressive textures with various aggressiveness levels including 120 grit which feels similar to sandpaper for added performance and great for use at competitions.

1. Increased Friction

Glocks have often been criticised for lacking grip texture. Stippling and grip tape have both been used as attempts at fixing this, yet only semi-permanent results exist that don’t last very long, becoming slippery when wet.

There’s another way to give your Glock an edge: epoxying on a layer of silicon carbide powder abrasive powder used in industry; silicon carbide has an outstanding friction coefficient when used as gun coating material and makes an excellent addition.

To install a silicone carbide grip, first clean your pistol’s surface, removing any paint, oil, or wax that has collected on its surface in the area where grit will be applied. Finally, cover this area with masking tape so as to apply too liberally and cause irreparable damage to its frame.

After masking, it is time to apply a high-performance 2-part epoxy over the area that will be coated. Next, pour silicon carbide powder of desired grit into the epoxy and permanently bond it to the frame – this process is known as beavertail cut and gives your gun more style while being more comfortable to carry holstered; additionally it adds strength to grip strength as a bonus feature!

silicone carbide grips not only enhance the aesthetics of your gun, they can provide superior grip. This is particularly true if you compete in shooting events like 3-gun or IDPA competition, as textured grips tend to provide greater traction when wet conditions or extreme temperature conditions arise compared to plain frames.

Gripping firearms with ease is important both during competition and tactical applications, but especially the latter. A silicon carbide grip reduces the likelihood that any slippery surfaces of firearms will catch on clothing and cause malfunction.

2. Stronger Grip

Glock pistols are known for their lack of grip texture, yet many shooters have tried different techniques such as Talon Grips, Grip Tape or grip stippling to add additional traction on control surfaces. Unfortunately, these methods tend to peel off over time; for long-term control surface traction a silicon carbide grip may be more durable and affordable option.

Silicon carbide is a semi-permanent coating made up of small granules that is applied over an epoxy base coat for grips. This material can be found both polymer and metal frames and comes with various textures ranging from minimal to aggressive surfaces.

No matter if you are competing in 3 gun competition or simply looking for more confidence with your pistol, glock silicon carbide grips can help enhance performance by increasing traction between your hand and frame. They can be applied to any size pistol for both left-handed and right-handed shooters alike!

Glock’s five manufacturing generations have brought significant improvements to this aspect of its guns’ construction, in an attempt to make their use more comfortable and simpler – but there remains room for further change.

Glock has introduced several upgrades designed to increase grip strength, such as expanding trigger guard and thumb recesses, increasing magazine capacity and revamping recoil spring design. These enhancements have made Glock an extremely popular choice among law enforcement officers as well as personal defense shooters – but many shooters may not realize there are additional ways they can enhance both grip strength and performance of their pistol.

One modification that adds weight is by installing a backstrap adapter. This small metal piece fits over the top of your backstrap and creates a flat surface, increasing grip circumference by widening grip surfaces. Drill holes may also be provided for attaching accessories. A frame weight from Toni System or similar companies also adds more heft, simply mounting onto tactical rails of pistols like Glocks for additional weight.

3. Durability

Gun enthusiasts frequently complain about the grip texture, or lack thereof, found on factory Glock pistols. Many gun owners have attempted to increase gripping surface using grip tape, talon grips, or stippling the frame – each method comes with its own set of risks – grip tape peels off easily while stippling can compromise firearm integrity.

Silicon Carbide Treatment to Areas that Contact Hand is an effective solution to this issue. Utilizing high performance 2-part epoxy, this service then applies a coating of silicon Carbide Granules of Your Select Grit permanently adhered to your grip frame with a sharp border cut to improve appearance as though applied from Factory.

Silicon carbide granules are extremely hard and durable, used for industrial abrasive applications in industries like steel manufacturing and aerospace. Their hardness also means that their grips will stand up well under repeated use without wearing out or becoming unusable over time – this provides friction between your hand and grip to keep it secure, helping ensure reliable shooting sessions.

Another key advantage of this coating is that it can be easily removed at any time, restoring your pistol back to its factory grips and making it easy to experiment with different options or change textures temporarily without fearing permanent damage to its frame.

Alongside adding texture to their grips, popular Glock modifications include installing an undercut trigger guard in order to raise your non-dominant hand higher on the frame and avoid “Glock knuckle.” Other common upgrades are magwell wideners, trigger jobs and ambidextrous safety cuts that allow users to switch from right-handed shooting to left-handed.

4. Easy to Apply

Silicon carbide treatment for grip stippling is an extremely straightforward task, making it a weekend project to make your pistol much more comfortable to hold. Furthermore, this modification is extremely affordable when compared with alternatives such as Talon Grips and Grip Tape; plus its effects will stand the test of time unlike its stipple-based counterpart that may peel and wear away over time.

To achieve a silicon carbide finish, first you must mask off any areas you do not wish to be treated, before applying a high performance two-part epoxy to the desired area. Once dry, you can remove the masking tape and sprinkle a light coat of silicon carbide powder over it – too much could create an uneven appearance which you can use a brush to work into its surroundings in order to even it out. When complete, allow it to set for several hours until ready for further use.

Results are stunning – the grip feels both grippy and smooth in your hands, like that found on skateboard boards, without chipping off over time like grip tape or talon grips would. It makes an excellent option for competitors or demanding hobbies as the texture will last much longer than stippling or even talon grips.

Silicon Carbide Finishes provide several advantages to polymer or metal frames. You have your choice between aggressive textures such as 120 and 60 grit, perfect for competition. In particular, we offer 120 grit black which has the feel of 120 grit sandpaper while 60 grit silver has much greater aggression that the 120 grit texture; therefore it may be better for concealed carry purposes but less suitable for competition shooting. Similarly, 60 grit is more aggressive yet and may allow shooters who wish to use bare hands when picking up guns quickly!

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